4 tips to stay focused in business

What’s distracting you in your work? Phone ringing? Text messages? Can’t keep your eyes off how many people are liking your posts? Are you multi-tasking so much that you’re just not getting anything done? Maybe you work from home and people around you just don’t get it that you are TRYING TO WORK! If you can focus solely on what you’re doing, you’ll be more efficient and more productive. If you are jumping into your workday trying to clear little niggly things before you get stuck into some ‘real’ work, you might find the morning has gone already and you still haven’t really achieved anything substantial. Try these tips:

  1. Block out distractions
  • Switch off the phone or at least put it on silent.
  • Close the tabs on your browser that are stealing your attention and the applications that you are not using.
  • Put a notice up or tell those around you that you cannot be disturbed for the next chunk of time.

All of it can wait until you give yourself a short break.

  1. Make sure you have a plan for the day for each set of tasks
  • At the end of each day take 15 minutes to clear your desk or working area and put together a list of the next day’s important and urgent tasks. It’s a great decluttering technique for the mind, it enables us to free up space to focus and you’ll feel better with a clear working space ready for the next day.
  • When you start your working day, go over your priority list and schedule in the time you will need to do the niggly tasks such as answering emails, phone calls etc.

Scheduling and planning have a dual purpose, it not only gives you a clear view of what needs doing but helps to keep you focused on what is important.

  1. Keep a clock in your eyeline
  • Decide how long you will set for the task and stick to it
  • Split complicated tasks into smaller chunks to remain interested and keep focused

Sometimes we get so involved and engrossed in what we are doing we lose track of time. This means we can frequently feel rushed and overwhelmed with trying to fit everything else into a reduced timeframe.

  1. Have what you need around you to complete a task

There is nothing worse than getting totally stuck in the zone when you realise you have to stop what you are doing to collect some more resources. This is a sure-fire way to lose focus. If you hadn’t realised when you started that something else is needed. Batch what you can to a certain point and reschedule the rest of the task to be completed when you have what you need.

Keep a notebook beside you to note down distracting thoughts that pop into your head will help stay focused on the task you are doing. As soon as the brain realises you won’t forget that incredibly important thought because you wrote it down, it will stop niggling away at the back of your mind so you can carry on with what you are doing.

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