“I met Kate Whitley in 2010 and quite soon after I started to refer to her as to my “Fairy Godmother”. The amount of trust she puts in me normally challenges me greatly, but it always makes me be my very best and discover how strong, powerful, talented I am. Along with that Kate offers such a great support, so altogether it makes things happen – no matter how “impossible” they seem to be from the start. Kate’s challenges opened so many doors for me I always amazed about the structure her brain has; discussing things with her makes perfect sense of any situation even if they looked unsolvable from the start. No matter if it is a business argument or a tricky situation I have with my kid, Kate always helps me to find correct wording and right approach inside myself, so I could act and speak being true to myself and others. We can do the true miracles, when the right people support us and engage us to be the amazing creators we all are!”      Anna Sloan, Ukraine
“Kate is an inspirational lady. We originally met as she was my tutor for a variety of courses, and was also my mentor. A lady whose professionalism and quality of her instruction are of the highest standard, she has instant rapport with every student she teaches and has genuine passion for helping everyone achieve to their highest potential which she personally achieves through her down to earth approach, willingness to listen and caring nature. She is extremely organised and always prepared for every eventuality, uniquely resourceful and adaptive. Kate has fantastic communication skills, is intellectual and is passionate about helping people be the best of themselves.  She is a lovely lady whom I hold in the highest regard and would not have achieved the professional level I have in the Pole Sport Industry without her as my mentor.  She is someone I know I can always turn to, now and in the future.Thank you Kate for being amazing as always xx”  Kathy Buller, Pole Fusion, UK
“Kate is an amazing person who delivers on her promises and knows what she is doing and where to find it, whatever your “it” is. She is talented, knowledgeable, and most importantly, smart. I have known her professionally for 5 years with the International Pole Sports Federation that I founded when she joined our executive team for no pay because she truly believed in our mission like she believes in what she does for others. She is an extraordinary woman who has consistently and with great fortitude and strength help run our Olympic-style World Pole Sports Championship and the IPSF. She can do anything she puts her mind to and I wholeheartedly know that she not only has the ability to help others but that she uses that knowledge to actually help others pursue a better self.”TimothyTrautman, USA, IPSF
“Excellence in business of any kind often comes from an ability to work well with people. Interaction with others is by definition, personal; Kate is able to adapt herself to what others need &how they need to be helped. This certainly was/is the case for me. I’m the type who has lots of questions, I like to know  as much as possible & I like to hoard that information. I am a self assured confident person when I have all the facts, but I can feel very anxious & frustrated when I don’t. Kate’s personalised help is not isolated to just me, I’ve witnessed her individually-tailored support skills with many people. Despite this I always felt it was ‘just me’ that Kate took under her wing as guided me in a way I felt encouraged, supported & empowered. I felt like she was the sister I never had!” Julanne Barry, UK

Thank you for joining me…

My mission is to help busy people with problem-solving and decision-making. We all know how sometimes we just get ‘stuck’. Whether it is in our personal or working environment, not being able to move forward can be so draining. I love helping to reframe a perspective and teach new skills to bring about a positive state of mind. The focus of my work is to inspire, teach and initiate the changes needed to enable you to live your life…


If you are on this page you may be looking for:

  • A coach or therapist who understands the pressure of having a busy life
  • A safe environment to challenge yourself to be the best you can be
  • Someone to trust with personal issues that are preventing you moving forward
  • Help to work through areas that affect your whole life

This is why I started Wholelife Online. To connect with as many people as I can. To help each of us see our true potential so we can look back in twenty years and breathe a huge sigh of relief that we took those first steps – TODAY!   My dream is to be able to inspire as many busy people as I can with ways to stay busy but effectively productive so they can make huge achievements and have a successful life; whatever success means to them.

What does success mean to you? Which areas of your life would you like to be more successful? These are the types of problems I work to solve…

What is your dream, where do you want to be in twenty years?

Having studied psychology and child development, I qualified as a Social Worker specialising in parenting skills and education. But by 2006 I knew I wanted to set up my own practice as a consultant and trainer to deliver courses and groups for parents and their children to improve family life by focusing on positive communication. This did prove to be very successful if you don’t count that I was so busy helping people, I forgot to make any money!

Maybe you are in that place where you know things have to change if you want to follow your life’s purpose and deep down you just know you can be successful and wake up each day full of excitement.

I had a feeling that I was meant to do something else, something to get me out of feeling stuck, something with more purpose and meaning; I just couldn’t find a ladder to climb over a huge wall that had appeared in front of me.

Do you ever get the feeling you are walking in treacle?

So in 2009 I went back to studying and spent 2 years deep in English Language and Communication (Linguistics) at Oxford Brookes, qualified as an NLP Practitioner and Life Coach whilst earning an income this time with my eldest daughter running a pole dance school. I had built up many contacts throughout the world doing this and was soon recruited as the Vice-President for The International Pole Sports Federation. (This is a long story for another day!). I was directly responsible for getting pole recognised as a sport by the international sporting and Olympic community; along with a dedicated and determined hard-working team of like-minded people. I was so proud to receive the Lifetime Award for services to Pole Sports 2017.

I have built a wealth of experience travelling around the world and working with hundreds of people from so many different amazing countries. Developing courses, running training sessions and overseeing a large team of volunteers. I was able to use my experience and specialisms helping small groups of people set up National Federations in each country and BOOM…

I was able to help turn a small snippet of an idea into a huge enormous success.

Fast forward to now. I had to retire as the Vice-President due to having fixed terms of office and knew that finally, I was ready to develop my own business as an NLP Therapist and Coach. I have the online skills and business know-how as well as family support and help from my three adult children. I still live in Oxford with my son, youngest daughter and two cats, but also have the joy of two wonderful grandchildren to keep me on my toes!

I am passionate about working with busy people who want to learn how to develop and establish positive thoughts and behaviours so they can achieve great things,  and I get really excited when I see my clients taking action to move themselves forward and making incredible things happen.

I am so inspired by the amount of passion my clients have for change!

Are you:

  • Ready to learn some new skills
  • Prepared to make some changes to achieve your goals
  • Excited about the thought of developing yourself from your heart
  • Happy to embrace a totally new positive way of life
  • Willing to roll up your sleeves and kick-start your inner determination
  • Determined to be successful
  • Imagining what your future happiness will be when you get started

Then you must be jumping up and down right now just at the thought of working with me!

Ok… that might be pushing it a bit!

But seriously, please do join me over at the Wholelife NLP Coaching Community. I do regular training and encourage everyone to support each other on their journey and you even get to take part when I use volunteers from the group who basically get free NLP coaching sessions for joining in!

Joining the Facebook Group also means you will also have the opportunity to get to know me a lot better, build a network of like-minded people and learn some new ways for personal and career self-development. I look forward to seeing you there!

Go on, you know you want to be part of something amazing…

If you are still a little shy, then make sure you get my free NLP Starter Kit to give you some BOOM and BOOST! There is a free 6-day challenge included and the kit will get you started with how to start your journey to discover more about YOU and how the best version of yourself can positively impact the world around you. 

Oh, and for the record – as long as they are heavy rock records LOL!; my favourite colours are purple and orange, I love beautiful water, mountains, and sunset landscapes and would love to have been a majestic lioness or a horse if I had been given a choice… Plus I thought you might like to see a picture of what I look like in a field of my favourite flowers!

See you soon!      Kate x