December in the UK can be overwhelming. It is easy to feel we are being attacked from all sides. So much to do in a short space of time. This week I am focusing on 5 issues we have to contend with and share some NLP techniques for finding some calm amongst the chaos.

Bugs and illnesses | Festivities to plan | Financial strain | Family gatherings | Work deadlines

Day 1 – Bugs and illnesses

We all know what to do: drink plenty of water, avoid too much alcohol, eat nutritious food, take a walk in the fresh air, avoid crowded shops with so much exposure to bugs and germs etc. This doesn’t mean don’t enjoy yourself. It means, do whatever it takes so you CAN enjoy yourself in a busy month, for the whole month and into the New Year.

How can NLP keep us healthy? Give yourself the gift of a positive habit. Create a routine for restful sleep to impact not just December but the rest of your life. Sleep is vital for physical and mental health. It is not something we have to fit in our lives, it is a crucial part of our very existence. Stress is a key factor in our physical well-being as our immune system responds to the slightest twitch. If we are feeling stressed, we don’t sleep well and leave ourselves vulnerable to physical illnesses and emotional stress. Our thoughts affect our behaviours. We choose the actions we take based on our thoughts.

If you have trouble sleeping this month because your brain is overwhelmed, develop more routine into your new positive sleep habit. Repetitive behaviours such as these help our minds start to unwind as we fall into a comfort zone of preparing ourselves for something important:

  • If possible, go to bed at the same time each night, allow enough time to prepare, fall asleep and get a minimum of 7/8 hours.
  • Create a nighttime ritual of repetitive behaviour by always doing things in the same order, e.g. bath, teeth, moisturise etc.
  • Use Essential Oils such as Lavender on your pillow, in the diffuser, on the soles of your feet etc.
  • Sleep in a warm clean bed.
  • Check your room temperature is not too hot or cold.
  • When your head hits the pillow, take a deep breathe and say to yourself, “Ahh, time to sleep, |I have been looking forward to this”. Snuggle into your pillow and start speaking to your subconscious mind.

Today’s NLP tip for getting a good night sleep: Speak to your subconscious mind and change the thoughts you would usually have as you lie there waiting for sleep to arrive.

  • Take some deep breaths, preferable with some essential oils and tell yourself you are now going to go to sleep and will deal with everything tomorrow.
  • Tell yourself you are going to have some rest and when you are refreshed that is the time to deal with things.
  • Tell yourself you will focus clearly and with fresh eyes when you wake up.
  • Tell yourself about the positive things you are grateful for so your brain switches out of alert mode to relaxation mode.

When your brain gets the sign from you that it is ok to switch off, you will fall asleep. If you don’t let it know, because you keep remembering something you forgot to do, it won’t switch off properly even when you do fall asleep. That is why we often wake up thinking we haven’t slept a wink. NLP is about developing positive habits and based on the simple fact that we have the choice to choose which actions we take to feel better in life.

Why not choose to train your mind to have a good night sleep.

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