How can NLP help you?

How NLP can help me    NLP works by helping people move forward into a positive state, so they can achieve great things!  Having the right thoughts and believing in them is important in your effort to achieve success. You have embarked on your journey. Every journey has a destination and you will eventually arrive there as long as you don’t give up along the way. Picturing yourself as successful when you reach your destination is a key factor in NLP. Think about each mistake you might make and challenge you might encounter on the way as being a valuable lesson to learn from. If you truly believe you will be successful, you will create your own kind of environment that is conducive to your success. NLP works by filling your mind with positive thoughts leaving no room for negative thinking; think about yourself as a successful person as if you had already come to the destination in your journey. Watch this inspiring video from Oprah Winfrey.

Using effective ways to get what you want and challenge your personal limitations to achieve greater success There are several factors involved in obtaining results when you want something. You are likely to have either a goal or an outcome. A goal is what you want, it is something you are aiming for; it is an end result of something we are focused on achieving. An outcome is a result that you want to create, it is more specific than a goal as you only have an outcome when you know what you’re going to see here and feel when you have it. So you may have a goal of achieving something by a certain date, and the outcome is the result of what happens when you achieve your goal. NLP involves introducing greater flexibility with the possibilities available to you which leads to increased choices, creative ways to solve problems and more influence over events in your life.

Using words and your beliefs to affect the way you think and feel and understanding why you perceive things differently Your beliefs are based on a generalisation of the view and perception you have about yourself, the experiences you have had and what you listen to from different sources that you have accepted as being reliable. The way you think and feel is influenced by the beliefs you formed and what you tell yourself in your everyday life. Challenging your beliefs is a key factor in NLP therapy and coaching. Limiting beliefs are habits you have learned that affect you negatively with words like, “I can’t,” “I mustn’t,” “I shouldn’t”. In NLP you can choose and create your own empowering beliefs to unlearn the negativity and develop and exploit your potential. Changing the way you see you, your purpose and your future can be a powerful motivating factor in your life.

Develop effective ways to communicate to build high-quality personal relationships Your mind processes your experiences through pictures, feelings, sounds, smells and tastes. Each of us is unique in how our mind has a preference for giving meaning to those experiences. Some people are very good at listening, whilst others always know the right thing to say. Effective communication is learning how to understand how each of us interprets our experiences which in turn affects our behaviours within relationships. In NLP each of these senses is broken down further into submodalities; how bright a picture is in our mind, the volume of the sounds we hear, the intensity of feeling, smell or taste. Exploring how to recognise this when building relationships or analysing challenges within relationships that are struggling is a key factor it in NLP therapy and coaching.

Manage your thoughts and feelings and behaviours to better yourself Success has different meanings to each of us. Bettering yourself to achieve success depends on how you want to be successful. Maybe it is having a lot of money, enjoying good health, being able to do a job that you love every day, or being recognised for your achievements. P In NLP success is within the reach of all of us. By understanding how your thoughts and feelings influence your everyday life, you will learn to recognise the qualities and characteristics within yourself that can make you successful. The key factor is learning how to take the action you need to set your success in motion. Success is not a matter of luck, you must believe in your ability to achieve and being willing to make necessary changes to reach your goals and accomplish your outcomes.

For me having a training with Kate has been a very positive experience. And I believe it is not an easy job when you have to train people from other countries with different languages and teach them a whole new system which is complicated. Kate has been able to do this very patiently and accurate, and managed for us to understand and unify criteria so that we are well trained, self-confident and ready. When you see a person that knows the material and is consistent then you feel in the right place.

Erika Gonzalez del Pliego Revilla

Coach and Trainer, Gravity First-Mexico

I have known Kate for 5 years and have had the privilege of being taught and mentored by her. She has always been extremely approachable and is a very logical teacher with the ability to break down complicated areas. Having seen her in action at events Kate is such a positive person who is incredible in pressure situations as she always keeps a calm cool head. I have received so much encouragement, enthusiasm and knowledge from Kate she is essential to have in your corner if you are wanting to succeed.

Rebekah Metcalfe

Coach and Instructor, UK