How does NLP coaching and therapy work?

How does NLP therapy and coaching work?  Have you ever been in a situation where two people you know have had a disagreement about something and they both call you up to tell you about it?  You can guarantee you will hear two different versions of the same event. What has happened, is they have both processed what they experienced and how it affected them, but from different perspectives, and this has now influenced their whole thought process, reactions and behaviours based on what they interpreted as happening to them.

NLP therapy and coaching enables you to understand and empathise with what it’s like to be the other person and the best way to communicate with them. It will be obvious to you as the listening friend to recognise they are coming at things from different directions. But we don’t always have the other person’s point of view as we are too wrapped up in our own. Understanding NLP strategies helps to deepen relationships at home, socially and at work. Instead of trying to ‘fix’ a problem, you learn to think about improving and developing by looking for newer and more creative approaches to your life challenges rather just trying to fix what is not working.

It is very easy as a friend to give the impression to each person that you are on their side, and that the other person is in the wrong. Or maybe you take the approach that they are both overreacting, and neither is right or wrong; either way, as a friend we often take sides without realising and although they may just need someone to listen and support them, as long as it does not become a serious issue that has a detrimental effect on anyone, this is often enough.

But when an event has a serious negative impact, NLP can reframe their emotional state to something they can live with or move forward from. It is the analysis of your own communication strategies, of the influence of language on your mind, on your behaviour and how you can use that to move towards a positive state. For example, we all have what we call “our own map of the world”. It is how we view the world around us and navigate through our lives avoiding hazard areas and acting on what we know based on our experiences, beliefs and values. And as you get older, growing and developing as an individual, experiencing and reacting in your environment, you are more opinionated and fixed in your views which puts you at risk of having a faulty map.

Why do you believe what you do? Is it based on what you were told to believe, what you experienced for yourself or something you learned from others? The thing about maps is that they can be redrawn when we have new information. NLP helps to reframe what you know to see if it still fits with how you want to live. So basically, NLP is how you can change your attitudes towards something to get better results; and that something is usually YOU…

NLP therapy and coaching brings about self-development and change. Use it to work on yourself to become a better person; to become the person you want to be so you can effectively help others. We all know that flight attendants say you must put your own mask on first if the cabin loses pressure so you can then help someone else who is struggling, you’re no good passed out!

The more we know about ourselves – the more we can help others.

NLP works by helping people move forward into a positive state so they can achieve great things!

Some of the things NLP enables you to do are:

  • Using effective ways to get what you want
  • Using words and our beliefs to affect the way you think and feel
  • Understanding why you perceive things differently
  • Developing effective ways to communicate
  • Building high-quality personal relationships
  • Managing your thoughts and feelings
  • Using thoughts and behaviours to better yourself
  • Challenging your personal limitations to achieve greater success