I love the first day of a month. It gives me an incentive to try new things, get stuck into new projects and fill myself with inspiration. I used to keep dragging with me and holding on to ideas that I had that perhaps didn’t pan out or get off the ground. I thought if I let them go it would mean I had failed, again. But the reality is, maybe I wasn’t it the right place to make them work. It doesn’t mean I failed, it just means that those particular ideas were not ready to go for me, right now.

The use of the word failure has such negative connotations, and I am not on a mission to change that per se. But I am on a mission to change what we deem to be a failure within ourselves and why we hold on to the fear of failure perhaps more than trying something and it not working out.

Doesn’t the phrase “it didn’t work out”, sound much easier to live with. Yes, we can probably come up with a hundred reasons why something didn’t go to plan, and yes, maybe a lot of those reasons were down to how we approached an idea or a project. But for goodness sake, we are asking an awful of lot of ourselves if we think everything we set out to do will always “work out”. And what an excuse not to try anything new if we expect it to fail anyway!

I hope you love this November calendar as much as I do, start with today’s new thing to try out and ‘Make a list of new things you want to try this month’.

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