What happens in an NLP session?

If you’re a little anxious about what will happen during our session, this page explains what happens in an NLP session with me.  Firstly, let me reassure you NLP Therapy can be content-free; you do not have to disclose any painful secrets. This means I can be effective without knowing about the problem in great detail. This is a major advantage over traditional therapies as I understand you may be embarrassed about the idea of discussing personal issues one to one with a stranger.


Tools of the mind

Therapy tends to be fast, usually resolving issues in several brief sessions, so it is very cost effective and  cheaper than traditional therapies. I work on the basis that you have all the resources you need to make positive changes in your life, NLP techniques are used to facilitate these changes, so you can concentrate on what you are thinking and feeling. You’ll  establish new patterns of behaviour as you learn the techniques for yourself which means you can continue to become the expert of YOU!

The first session is about getting to know you.  It’s important to understand what brought you to seek help. So we’ll have a chat about what is concerning you, what you expect to get out of our sessions and discuss the way to approach what your outcomes are. Only a short period of time is spent on defining the problem before working on your outcomes. So you can expect to experience change in each session. Chances are you will laugh a lot.  You might cry too. Both will feel as good and hopefully, it will be a cleansing experience.

I use a combination of strategies which include questioning, gentle guided visualisations, calm relaxation techniques and coaching. Sometimes this means me asking you lots of questions to help you work out what actions you are going to take.  We will break everything down into manageable chunks to make it easier to see what the problems are and what the solutions are. The whole session will run at the pace you choose to make sure you take each step in a way that will enable you to feel comfortable with yourself.

NLP is all about changing the way you think about things and I work on the principle that each one of us builds our own unique “models” or “maps” of the world around us and, although such maps are genuine and real to us as individuals, no one’s “map” is fully able to represent the “real world”. Most elements of our “maps of the world” are useful and work well for us, but some of our beliefs, thoughts and behaviour patterns get in the way of our own progress and can make us feel “stuck” or out of control. For example, phobias are often learned from someone in our life or from a particular incident that happened. So we work out what happened and then change the way you think about it.  It’s really powerful and an effective way of managing and modifying your behaviours so you can set out to achieve your goals and accomplish the results of your outcomes.

1)  We first find out what you want to change.  It might be very precise, like no longer raiding the fridge at 2 am, it might be something that feels huge, like letting go of the effects of past trauma. It might be vaguer than that, such as not wanting to feel “stuck”.

2) Where appropriate I will send you a pre-session questionnaire to explore a little more how you imagine that change. (When you decide to change something, the more specific you can be about what you want instead, the easier it is to bring you there).

3) When we’ve identified how that unique internal model of yours has been attracting some things and repelling others, or how it has been storing experiences in an unhelpful way, we will work on getting you where you want to be, and move forward.

The session will at times be fast, fun, and often unexpected with spaces of time feeling like it is going slowly. You won’t be sitting talking about your pain and misery for hours: if you only wanted a good moan then NLP is not for you. Mostly I will be working conversationally without you being aware I am doing a technique with you. But this is standard procedure and I will be explaining it as I go along. At all times I will be ensuring that you feel safe, comfortable, and treat your “map” with respect and care even if you choose to challenge it!

 And at the end of your session, you’ll feel good, invigorated, maybe slightly unsure of how the various techniques are going to help you, but aware that something important has shifted.  As you go about your daily routines you’ll find that something has started to shift within you creating a much better reality for you to live with.

 In my sessions, chances are you will laugh a lot.  You might cry too. Both will feel as good and hopefully, it will be a cleansing experience!